Clinton’s Nervousness

Reblogged from Desert Musings

Is Hillary Clinton just blind to the poll numbers that come out or does she see them, understand them, and worry about them? You can bet everything you and your neighbors have that she’s very well versed in what every single one of them says. And it’s got to start making her nervous. Oh, she won’t show it….just yet. But even the most ardent supporter is getting nervous right now.

Bernie Sanders, while campaigning in Iowa over this long Labor Day weekend, told a crowd that Hillary’s campaign was getting nervous because he started four months ago at 3 or 4% and now he’s knocking on the door, ready to over-take her. Remember, when Hillary announced (the first time) that she was running for president…the one where she didn’t announce, it was on YouTube…she was in a van somewhere in Indiana…she was upwards of 65% support. That’s now dwindled to under 50% among Democrats, and nationally, she’s losing in a head to head matchup to Donald Trump…outside of the margin of error!

And it begs the question, is Hillary’s nervousness starting to show? She’s starting to take swipes at her competition both in the primary and in the general election. Saying that anyone can come up with ideas, and wave their arms around when they make a speech and get a crowd excited…that doesn’t make them presidential material. Well, almost anyone can. Hillary has had a hell of a time exciting anyone this go-around. Now, she says that comment was aimed at Trump, not Sanders, and that she welcomes a competitive Democratic primary, so the voters can hear the policy differences, see how they present themselves to the American public, and make an informed decision. Let me ask you…do you REALLY believe that or is that more HillarySpeak?

If you really think Clinton would like a neck and neck, down to the wire at the convention type of primary, you’ve got rocks for brains…especially if she had the choice of 65% approval from her party. She’d like nothing more than to skip the bus trips, the cold pizza, the crowds, having to give the same speeches nine times in a day to a different crowd of Iowa farmers, and God forbid, actually have to go to one of their homes, shake their hands, and have Sunday dinner with some of them? But that’s what they do in Iowa. And that’s what you do if you want to become president.

Hillary Clinton does not want to campaign for the presidency. That is so apparent watching her on the campaign trail. She wants the trappings of office without working the crowd to get it. And don’t think for a minute that the crowd can’t pick up on that. I think back to something I learned when I was first starting out in advertising sales. I was told, “Act like the sale doesn’t matter to you…because if you believe that you need the sale to pay the mortgage that month, the client will pick up on that, will sense the desperation in your mind and will turn you down.” That is exactly what is going on with Hillary Clinton right now. Well, that and a dozen scandals that won’t seem to go away, and the fact everybody in the country thinks she’s untrustworthy and a liar…

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!


A bit of commentary, Clinton has without a doubt excited people, her campaign has been heavy with excitement and it is all thanks to a myriad of scandals and her true inability to impress the masses. I cannot remember such an inept performance on the campaign trail that outlines exactly why she should never become President of this great nation.America has always represented hard work equaling success and she is just the opposite expecting to be crowned queen on day one even though she has a hunger for power she lacks the drive and understanding of what America is truly made of. She can bring up this war on women crap, and deny a ton of scandal allegations but for the most part we the people are far, far smarter than she thinks we are. She is unlikable, not very savvy and honestly she does not appear to be able to pack a punch. To me the biggest excitement is whether or not she bunks in the Slammer…LOL


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