Hillary Clinton the desperate queen of hate

Hillary calls GOP TerroristsPower Hungry HillaryI understand, politics are politics and when one is running for election they sometimes think anything goes. Hillary in recent commentary compared the GOP to Terrorists like ISIL With the threat ISIL poses to this country she is crossing a serious red line. Never and I mean never compare every day Americans to terrorists and then pretend that you want to lead the entire nation. Hillary has a craving for power and it obviously blinds her ability to exercise common sense. I just cannot see how fellow Americans are going to find her rhetoric acceptable. A person who will make this type of comparison is obviously not level headed and lacks  true American values. However most of us know her background and we know she and her husband are coming up short when it comes to ethical behavior. I seriously have to question her mental stability if she could ever in her mind justify the things she said about other Americans simply because they have different views on what is best for this nation?

Maybe it is just me but I am now one hundred percent positive she is NOT what we need to lead this country. She is a divider and she should be avoided like the plague, four Americans were killed on her watch and she did all she could to cover it up now she wants to run the nation. We as Americans owe it to ourselves to not place people with records of failure in office. Our presidency needs to be filled by a person who has a record of achievement and getting things done. Just so you know, when I am done with this post I will be emailing it directly to her campaign staff. I may be just one American but we can spread the word by reblogging this post and letting Hillary know we have no need for the politics of division. The pen is mightier than the sword….I hope that holds true with blogs as well? =) Signing off but never tapping out!

The image next to the picture is a thank you message from Hillarys campaign thanking me for submitting a message which is this blog post.



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  1. I just posted about this as well. I’m sorry but how desperate do you have to be to make statements like she has?! Oh, that’s right, it was the stroke! UGH!

  2. Yeah Yeah thats the ticket it was the stroke…We are getting a glimpse of how little control she has over her message and her anger.

  3. Hillary Clinton is rapidly becoming the Howard Dean of the 21st century…EEEHAH!

  4. Did you know that Howard Dean purged all information about democrats role in the civil war from the Democrats website when he was hoping to become president?

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