School District has banned all flags including Old Glory!

In the wake of the controversy surrounding the Confederate flag, a school district in Tennessee has banned all flags and banners, including the American flag.

“While this was not necessarily an attack on the American flag, there were some other issues we’re trying to address,” Dickson County Director of Student Services Steve Sorrells said. “It’s not an unpatriotic act, by any means, because we have a number of ways in which students do learn how to be patriotic and express American pride.”

Some students are angry at the flag ban, as they feel their patriotism and freedom of speech are being compromised.

“I just think that’s a right. It’s freedom of expression, and I don’t think you should be able to take that away from us,” high school senior Arianna Heisler said.

I am pissed the hell off! The pledge of allegiance, the American Flag who the hell do these people think they are? Do we want our children to believe it is acceptable to ban the very flag of the United States of America? This is the crap that is being pushed in our schools and likely the reason schools in the United States are suffering with low scores. More effort is being put into these idiotic liberal attacks than is being taken to teach our children. I don’t mind disagreeing  with these idiots because yes this is an unpatriotic act and I for one believe this school should be dealt with. The people behind this banning should be sent packing, we have no need for these people forcing their warped beliefs on our children. Our flag is a symbol of freedom that so many Americans have given their lives for.As for the other issues the school says they are trying to address, how about explaining why your school should receive any more state or Federal funding? Here is an update the school district has doubled down and now states that any student that brings a flag to school will be kicked out.
This nation that I love has fallen under attack by a bunch of liberals and political hacks  they can’t stand the constitution or the US of A  If they think this country’s so bad they They should move to Iran.


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  1. Ya know Basharr, I’m pissed off too! What does that say about a country who BANS its children from proudly displaying the flag that has dearly represented our country?! And the government wonders why its citizens seem unemotional or unattached to their beloved country…Really? Well, it isn’t rocket science! You are taking the pride from us all!!!! What do you NOT get about this Obama? Oh, that’s right, you get it just fine don’t you? Let’s raise a generation of kids who know nothing about pride of country and I will show you a country who won’t remember WHY it should be defended. Well done Obama, well done.

  2. The mind-set is a product of an attack on exceptional-ism, hell we have a president who apologizes for America when we have done so much good around the world.Obama has no idea what it takes to build a country like the one he was handed with the expectation of taking care of it. He only knows how to destroy and mock that which he does not have within him to respect.Thanks for the excellent comment Lorra.

  3. This is RIDICULOUS… completely agree, send them to Iran. Would love to connect. Shoot me an email bluegrassbruce8 at gmail

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