Steelers Linebacker James Harrison gives us the feel good story of the day.

No to Trophies

When it comes to hard work, Steelers linebacker James Harrison is old school. We’ve seen it countless times, whether it’s in the weight room, on the volleyball court or even while cutting grass.

Not surprisingly, this old-school mentality extends beyond the workplace and into Harrison’s home. And here’s the proof, via his latest Instagram post:

“I came home to find out that my boys received two trophies for nothing, participation trophies! While I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die, these trophies will be given back until they EARN a real trophy. I’m sorry I’m not sorry for believing that everything in life should be earned and I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best…cause sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better…not cry and whine until somebody gives you something to shut you up and keep you happy.


I love this story it lifts my spirits to know this guy took a stand, he does not want his children tainted by unrealistic expectations. In life we don’t win all the time and our kids should not be damaged by having the notion planted in their minds that they get something for doing nothing. Part of our standard award system we learn growing up is you earn respect through action likewise we earn awards through competition. The PC police want to give kids everything as they attempt to extend the entitlement element of society.

Signing off but never tapping out!



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  1. Here’s a guy that knows what winning is about and knows that you don’t win by just showing up. God bless James Harrison. Liberals everywhere could learn a real lesson from this man!

  2. I totally agree my friend this was a refreshing story to start the day.

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