Batman hero to sick children killed in highway accident.

Maryland’s ‘Lamborghini Batman’ Killed In Highway Crash

Maryland's 'Lamborghini Batman' Killed In Highway Crash

Lenny B. Robinson, the “Lamborghini Batman” who dressed as the Dark Knight and visited children in hospitals with his black Gallardo, was killed in a car crash along I-70 in Maryland last night, according to news reports. He was 51.

Robinson died coming back from a car show in West Virginia, the Washington Post reports. His Batmobile broke down with engine trouble, and when he got out to inspect the car, it was struck by a Toyota Camry, and then his own car hit him, the newspaper reports.

Three years ago Robinson became a viral sensation after getting pulled over by Maryland policein the Lamborghini. It quickly came out that he was a wealthy local who enjoyed dressing as Batman, visiting kids with his car and handing out toys and memorabilia. Sometimes his son would join him dressed as Robin.

Robinson later got a real Batmobile instead of the Lambo, a replica of the George Barris carfrom the 1960s Batman TV show. He used it to visit children across the country. It was not immediately clear which car was involved in Sunday’s crash.

From the Post:

On one visit to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, he reflected on the health of his own three children. “We’re lucky,” he said.

At Children’s, there were kids with tubes in their noses, with IVs in their arms. He handed out gifts: Batman books, rubber Batman symbol bracelets and other toys.

Batman made those kids smile. They all thought he was Batman, a hero.

“I’m just doing it for the kids,” he said.


I have to say this touched my heart, a man who selflessly did what he could by donning the cape and cowl to become batman and hero to many sick children. He should be remembered as a super hero Without a doubt he helped children and let them know batman was watching out for them. He had a huge heart and he will be missed.

Signing off, but never tapping out!


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