Apparently Hillary Clinton is so out of touch she doesn’t know America is BROKE

Clinton touts $350B college affordability plan, faces stiff opposition


Aug 10, 2015: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announces her college affordability plan at Exeter High School, N.H. (AP)

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton announced a $350 billion plan Monday to make college more affordable, calling for a “new college compact” designed to reduce the growing burden of student debt.

However, the plan faces a difficult sell to both liberal Democrats and Republicans, possibly not going far enough for the Democrats’ liberal wing, while turning off Republicans with a high price tag and increased federal intervention.

Clinton announced the plan at a town hall meeting at Exeter High School in New Hampshire, telling gathered supporters: “It’s ambitious but we should be ambitious.”

The campaign accompanied the announcement with a campaign video that featured a number of students struggling with student debt telling their stories.

Hillary lives a rich lifestyle, her foundation and speaking fees have made her a rich woman. America is broke we borrow from China to keep our government running. She is touting a plan that would cost billions on top of billions knowing America cannot afford it. She’s an idiot dangling a carrot hoping it will buy people’s votes.



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  1. Hillary seems to know very little about reality these days. She CERTAINLY has no clue about money. According to her they were next to being on the streets until they found a way to extort enough money to last their family a very long time indeed. How about she put up some of THAT money to fund education….

  2. She has not been elected yet she has already figured out a way to spend our taxes.. I agree with you how about step up and fund some educational needs herself.?

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