GOP Problem With Amnesty

We owe nobody entry into this country. There is a system in place and that should be the only way immigrants enter this country…Legally

Thomas Jefferson Club Blog

Listening to the media you would believe that everybody wants amnesty for illegal aliens, even the GOP. The problem is that the American public is not for it, especially the full-blown amnesty the left is demanding. Ann Coulter, as usual, spits it out plainly and takes the GOP to task for continuously trying to follow what they believe is popular.

From Ann Coulter

Washington has tried to sneak through three amnesties in the last decade…And every time, as soon as the public got wind of what was happening, the politicians scattered like roaches…Couldn’t Republicans spare themselves the embarrassment of having to say they “learned their lesson” by learning the same lesson of the last 17 guys to push amnesty?… In early June of 2007, a Rasmussen poll found that support for “no bill” beat support for the Senate immigration bill by 5-to-3. By the end of the week, “no bill”…

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  1. Amen and amen! Somewhere up the road, the GOP has to realize that just because liberals say something doesn’t mean they automatically have to do it. It’s ok to come out against crazy stuff!

  2. I get it and to be honest I have been wondering why they even listen to the liberals This last midterm election cycle the GOP rocked the house and still act like they are the minority.

  3. Wellllll, AMEN to that!

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