Obama Refusing To Hand Over Judge-Ordered Seal Team 6 Documents [Video]

Again A president who refuses to be accountable to We the People, but then it is Obama so one must expect stonewalling.

The Silent Soldier

Seal Team 6 - Extortion 17 (Screenshot Credit, News Channel 3) Seal Team 6 – Extortion 17
(Screenshot Credit, News Channel 3)

August 7, 2015

ByLorra B.

It has been four years since the shooting down of a United States helicopter that killed members of Seal Team 6 in Afghanistan and a watchdog group is charging the Obama administration with not turning over documents of the incident.

The Seal Team 6 helicopter was shot down on August 6, 2011 and the judge-ordered documents have yet to be handed over by Obama.

What really happened, American’s may be wondering? Why wouldn’t the Obama Administration happily comply with the judge’s orders, turn over the documents and put to ease and rest the many families who have suffered no knowing the answers they deserve?

According toRedFlag, the families of the Seal Team 6 may have died because of an inside job.

The Washington Times reports:

The investigative file…

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  1. Thanks for posting this! It made my blood boil just writing it. These families need closure and him not giving it to them is despicable!

  2. He seems to lack a natural ability to have compassion or to show it when it is most needed.

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