Louis, Louis, Louis…Tsk, tsk Shame on you

I hate to be the one to have to break the news to Mr. Farrakhan but statistics will be the first to prove me correct, Your people as you like to call them are killing each other at an alarming rate, of course you want to blame the white man but you cannot in good conscience attempt to distract from the horrific facts that the death being visited on African Americans is greatly caused by other African Americans. It is such a shame that so many young lives fall victim to the lies of Mr. Farrakhan who is without a doubt a twisted individual. I am sure God will deal with him on his judgment day.I have just had enough of this racist Bull crap from an old man who knows nothing but hate and how to breed hate in others. He disgusts me and does nothing for the betterment of society.This is all the time I will give him as he is only deserving of my contempt.

Signing off people but never tapping out!



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  1. Funny how folks are always pointing the finger and unwilling to take responsibility for there own actions. I’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault…UGH!

  2. So true and he breeds hatred, convinces the weak minded they are targeted by whites.

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