NYC Is NOT The Place To Open A Business!

DeBlahsio and the liberal utopia Come to New York….Doubt it.

Desert Musings

Have you seen those commercials by the state of New York that give you all sorts of tax breaks if you move your business to the Empire State, or if you open a new business there? Sounds really inviting, doesn’t it? Well apparently, it’s not the greatest thing to do all over the state. You’re going to want to avoid going to New York City in order to start your business.

The Human Rights Commission of New York City has decided that business be damned! It’s more important to keep their gender/race/sexual preference/age discrimination laws in place. How are they doing that?

Well, one restaurant owner in the Big Apple got fined recently $5,000. Did he leave the guacamole out too long? Serve under-cooked chicken? Improperly store raw food above cooked food? No. He advertised on Craig’s List for a “waitress”. It was deemed offensive and sexist by the Human…

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