Just a question, does this information piss you off?

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin went after Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, in a brutal Facebook post that will certainly draw the fury of pro-abortion advocates.

TruthWhich symbol in the flag above killed 90,000 Black babies last year? Worse yet does it almost every year? Thanks to Sara Palin for the image.It speaks volumes.

Most who know me know that unless a mothers life is in danger I am anti abortion. I have a deep love for my grand children two of which have developmental challenges and I would not trade them for anything.



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  1. See…this shows the stupidity of the left, who’s religion is politics. Had they been smart, they wouldn’t have backed abortion lo, so many years ago. Do you realize what 30 million aborted fetuses could have grown up to be? Democrats! If they were smart and didn’t back abortion, they’d be winning every single election in a landslide! Not to mention actually NOT murdering innocent lives! What idiots!

  2. Imagine, for a minute, we were in the TWILIGHT ZONE….. The babies all cozy in their liquid beds, surrounded by their soft-tissue house (clearly in an independent housing structure than their host home) decide they don’t care for the host home anymore and don’t believe they will be looked after in a nurturing fashion by the host and elect to TERMINATE THE HOST!

  3. Very good Lorra it amazes me the god complex on the left who seem to deem it quite suitable to kill a child, My feeling is spark of life means a life.

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