Hillary, lies coming back to haunt her. She sent and received Classified content on her private server.

Hillary ClintonSo confronted with this news Hillary says Maybe the heat is getting to people. She repeated she assures us we are all accountable to the people.speaking of elected officials and such. Look I don’t know how tired you folks are of the Clinton scandal machine but for me I have had about as much as I can stand. This woman should never be allowed to reach the presidency, no way, no how NEVER! We know without a doubt she undermined the security of this nation and obviously did not give a damn about guidelines and protocols regarding the security of our nation. She has failed at a job that was very important and she has done all she can to remove her responsibility for the deaths of Americans in Benghazi. Think about it. Something terrible happens and her first instinct is to lie about it.


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  1. I think you’ve just outline the “Clinton Doctrine”, haven’t you?

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