Are the Bad guys winning?

freedom 4

I jacked the image presented in this post from one of my NRA publications The cover of the magazine struck me with the question it asked, “Are the bad guys winning?” To answer that question, it certainly feels like it. I would state that liberal leadership has torn the fabric of this country apart In New York the liberal mayor is now turning people who have been arrested loose with no bail reacquired. In Baltimore the mayor gave rioters space to destroy and basically gave the police a stand down order. Look at Ferguson all those businesses destroyed because Michael Brown tried to disarm a police officer and protesters  called to burn the place down. How many businesses have we seen over the past year driven out of business by mobs hell bent on destruction at any cost? But then the cost means nothing to these cowards. because nobody is standing watch to hold them accountable.

We have a president who is playing the roll of judge and jury commuting prison sentences based on his own misguided thought processes He has let people out prison who have sold and manufactured drugs that have killed people. Sitting judges deemed these people had earned a prison sentence.Yet the president believes he knows better? He has the power to crack down on sanctuary cities yet sits on his hands and looks the other way as Americans are murdered by people who have no right being in this country at all. Yet there are hundreds of liberal run sanctuary cities that are content to knowingly put citizens of this great nation at risk.

I remember a time when America was strong and our friends respected America and our enemies feared America. Sadly it appears that the Beacon of freedom has dimmed somewhat and it would seem under the liberal leadership America is unwilling to fight. Take ISIL, There is no way ISIL should still be functioning because America has the muscle and the might to wipe them off of the map for good except for the straw man in the white house who is simply unwilling to move America back into her place in this world.We are watching this country be torn apart and it is all at the hands of liberals and the thugs they have emboldened.”We must reject the idea that every time a law’s broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.

Signing off people but never tapping out!~~


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