Iowa Cattle Call Shows True Colors

Yep I am ready to stick a fork in her, she should have been done in 2008 Now she is old meat with a distinct odor of rot.

Desert Musings

They had what they call a “cattle call” in Iowa last night. No, it wasn’t something involving a lot of beef. Though there was a lot of BS being bandied about. It was the Democratic Party’s first big test of the candidates to show that they have what it takes to become the Democrat’s nominee.

In the end analysis…Hillary Clinton spoke and talked about herself and her family. The crowd basically stayed silent. Oh, they liked the lines about Donald Trump’s hair, and they chortled when she talked about “global warming deniers”, but other than that, the crickets were in abundance.

Bernie Sanders stood and threw red meat to the lions, as one media outlet called it. He basically called for a revolution in this country. 1,300 people stood and cheered. And when Martin O’Malley had his turn, he silenced any Hillary supporters in the room when he ticked off…

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