It’s Time That U.S. Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle Be Nominated For The Congressional Medal Of Honor

“It is my belief that due to his extraordinary service and sacrifice to this country that Chris Kyle should be nominated for the congressional medal of honor, not just for what he did in battle but how he lost his life trying to help other vets.His […]

The Silent Soldier

dJuly 8, 2015

We The People writes: As writer and owner of this site I’m privy to  comments made which many readers may choose to forgo.

 It struck me recently how we spend so much time talking among ourselves, or “Preaching to the choir,” so to speak while we accomplish little or nothing.

When was the last time you contacted your members of congress in writing and asked them why they haven’t begun writing up letters of impeachment against Obama?

Of course I know what you are thinking, It will never happen because RiNO’s in the Senate would not vote to convict.

Don’t forget to remind them that you will not vote again for them if the fail to act in accordance with your wishes.

At the same time ask that they nominate U.S. NAVY SEAL Chris Kyle for the Congressional Medal of honor.

Members of congress…

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