Hillary just keeps on telling lies

Wikipedia “”Vast right-wing conspiracy” is a conspiracy theory referenced by then First Lady of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton in 1998 in defense of her husband, President Bill Clinton, characterizing the continued allegations of scandal against her and her husband, including the Lewinsky scandal, as part of a long campaign by Clinton’s political enemies.”

Last night she brought the right wing conspiracy back into play when questioned about polls showing quite a lot of people do not trust her in fact they find her untrustworthy. She blamed the results of the poll on the right wing conspiracy and then immediately lied saying she received no subpoena to turn over emails and such. How can anybody believe she would be a fit president if she is still blaming the GOP for her woes? She is decades behind the times and still tossing about the same excuses regarding past and present scandals.

I would ask her was it a vast right wing conspiracy that caused the death of 4 Americans on her watch? She blamed it on a video knowing it was a lie, her natural instinct is to lie, again and again, she wiped a server clean to deny we the people knowledge of her wrongdoings. This woman is no candidate, she is a criminal plain and simple! Her and her husband looted the white house when they moved out and were forced to give numerous costly items back.


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