Guess Who’s Worried?

Unsinkable ships always seem to have a flaw. When one has a lifetime of flaws and scandal people begin to see reality.

Desert Musings

You can always tell when a politician is worried about an upcoming election. Let me put it this way. You’re a United States Senator. You have served your state well, and you’re up for re-election this year. You have no opposition in the primary, and you breeze to victory. Your opponent in the general election is a token candidate. He doesn’t have any money, he has no experience, he’s a guy that the opposition party found that was willing to run. He’s never held public office before, and it probably doesn’t look like he ever will. He’s down 40 points in the polls to you.

Question: Are you worried?

Answer: Probably not, unless you’re very paranoid to begin with.

Next scenario. You’re still a United States Senator, and you’ve served your state well, but this time you have an opponent in the general election that is well-polished. He is a…

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  1. This was a great post. She should be a complete wreck at this point. I know the Secret Service hate her detail but I can only imagine how much they hate being around her now! It will be interesting, I must admit, to see what they get on Bernie, and you know they will.

  2. I agree they will dig something up on Bernie I am happy she is that scared because I don’t think it will be long before another huge belly-flop by HC

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