Sanctuary Cities Death Traps of the Innocent

Francisco Sanchez Confessed to the killing of a young woman. ”

San Francisco (CNN)Kate Steinle was walking on a busy pier in San Francisco with her father when there was a single popping sound in the air.

She fell to the ground, struck by a bullet, the victim of what police say appears to be a random killing.

The man accused of firing the deadly shot — 45-year-old Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez — is an undocumented immigrant, a repeat felon who has been deported five times to Mexico, according to immigration officials.

It would have been six, a federal law enforcement source told CNN, except authorities in San Francisco wanted him on a drug-related warrant. But instead of turning this criminal over to the feds he was released by the San Francisco Sheriffs Department. This is not the first time San Francisco’s Sanctuary city crap has cost the lives of San Francisco citizens.

  • S.F. family’s murderer killed before, FBI was told – SFGate…/S-F-family-s-murderer-killed…

    San Francisco Chronicle

    Aug 21, 2014 – Documents filed in a separate San Franciscomurder case say Jaime Martinez, … had twice shielded Ramos, a suspected illegal immigrant from El Salvador, … Edwin Ramos, 25, who shot and killed three members of the Bologna family in …. 21, had been gunned down at the Mission District intersection.The man gunned down two sons and a father leaving a grieving mother and son to question why this had to happen?  Again The offender in this case had been released on gun charges after the Sheriffs Dept in San Francisco refused to hand this man over to the Feds So again Sanctuary cities are death traps for the citizens of the city. Let us not forget The lawmakers and in part the people of San Francisco are at fault for these deaths. The mother in the Bologna case sued the city and a judge threw her lawsuit out. I wonder about the people of San Francisco who allow this to go on? Do they ever feel this blood is on their hands because they continue to elect people who are fine with these deaths as long as the Sanctuary City continues? Who is truly controlling the asylum?


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