This is what my Sky looked like yesterday morning Today my wife found the story I have added to this post.

Al Thompson The Democrats are trying to change history to their benefit…

Confederate Flag and Racism are a Democrat Problem

• The Republican party was formed in 1853-4 to stop the proposed expansion of slavery by the Democrats.

• The Civil Rights Act of 1964-5 was first authored by a Republican.

• The Republicans have supported civil rights legislation in America more than the Democrats over the generations by a margin of 94% to 35%.

• MLK, Booker T. Washington and Abe Lincoln were Republicans… for a reason!

The Democrats ruled the south for more than a century after the Civil War, and Democrats did not object to the Confederate Battle flag and monuments. Georgia’s flag was changed in 2003 during the term of a Republican governor.

Clinton-Gore team used the Confederate flag in their 1992 presidential campaign buttons.

Will Liberals call for dynamiting the massive carvings at Mt. Rushmore? Will the Democrats call for the removal of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial… like ISIS is doing to images it considers to be anti-Islamic?

The Democrats are merely twisting the History of America to set the stage for the 2016 election atmosphere where it appears racism will be the main focus, instead of Obama’s incompetence and the democrats’ wide-spread corruption to hide the truth from the low-information voters.

It’s time the liberal media and Democrats take responsibility for their actions!

May God Bless (and help) America! ~ Al Thompson
By Al Thompson with segments from GodfatherPolitics”rose sky 012

I wonder  who on the left will step up now and say Bill Clinton was racist for using the confederate flag? Probably nobody because even the liberals know deep down they are only stirring the pot because they believe they can turn it into bad news for republicans. The democrats have over played their hand People now know the true history of the confederate flag and the evil role the Democrats played in supporting slavery.

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