Kissing history goodbye Why?

History being destroyed

I wonder at the mind set where people think a piece of American history needs to be wiped away. Now I understand why democrats would like this as the Confederate flag is a direct link to their racist pasts as it was after all southern Democrats that fought to keep slavery in place as this country entered the civil war era and not until they were defeated did they over time come to lay claim to a narrative that largely excused their action which lead to the war between between the states. Nothing that happened in Charleston was because of the confederate flag. Dyllan Roof is an evil young man and nothing was going to stop him and his evil plan. The flag did not have anything to do with the tragic scenario that unfolded claiming 9 lives. I hate these knee-jerk reactions just like Obama stepping up immediately calling for more gun control. The man relies every day on guns to keep him safe but he does not want you and I to share in that same protection. Let me not wander from my point here though, As a nation we should not be willing to simply wipe out pieces of our history in the push for political correctness. Americans died for the confederate flag as did so many for our American flag. Perhaps that reality should be remembered and not this politically correct attempt that will not solve any problems. Wake up people, we as a nation  are stronger than this and should never surrender an ounce of our history as it is a part of the story of the greatest nation the world has ever known. Today there are a number of businesses that are no longer going to sell confederate flags. it is total ignorance and now these businesses have paid homage to a terrorist…



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  1. Getting rid of the confederate flag is the liberal version of “doing something” about the shootings in Charleston. They have nothing to do with each other…other than the fact the scum that did the shooting was shown on his Facebook page holding a confederate flag. I guess it’s a good thing he wasn’t shown holding a newborn baby or the liberals would want to kill all the….oh…wait…never mind! Anyway, it’s the act of doing something, anything, that they appreciate. It won’t stop anyone from being killed in the future, and it won’t serve to act as a punishment to this piece of excrement…but they’ll feel better because they “did” something.

    • Agreed but they won’t stop there. They will also go after our American Flag and have been saying as much. The American flag stands for sooooo much, not just the ‘politically incorrect’ things. The flag stands for what we fought and died for and it stands for who we are today and what it took to get here. If they succeed, where will it stop? Do we then denounce all the military heroes as well? Then what? UGH!

      • Yes Lorra, where does it stop? The liberals are loving this as more and more call for the removal of all things connected to the confederacy. no matter how loosely. Sadly even conservatives are buying this crap.

      • Well, I think it would take a MASSIVE problem for that to happen. I can’t imagine the scope of the catastrophe that would be needed to get rid of a flag. Hell, even North Korea has a flag!

      • I know but the Lefties are already on the bandwagon and preaching it. Amazing crapola. Not happy unless they have a battle to fight and scream about.

  2. I just figured the liberals were getting their rocks off by removing uncomfortable history of this great nation. The academics despise our history on the liberal left.:-)

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