Have you seen God lately…I have.

Hand of GOD

There is probably nothing more heartless than hate crimes, especially when they happen in the United States of America. We Americans are a fairly tolerant people especially when compared to other parts of the world. I was getting ready for bed the other night when I caught a news flash about a shooting in a church in Charleston SC. The reports claimed nine human beings had lost their lives while attending prayer services and it all centered around “HATE” Hatred of other Americans because of the color of their skin. It seems a young man by the name of Dyllan Roof Entered the church and after some period of time he opened fire and killed nine human beings. I want to know many things about the reasoning behind this crime? Where does hate like this come from? I have waited a number of days before addressing this on my blog because I did not want to jump on the band wagon but rather allow some time for people to unwind a bit after such a tragic event. Something struck me as truly enlightening and that something was family members so strong and so believing in God that they were able to find the strength to forgive Dyllan Roof, this in my mind is the strength we, yes we you, me and everybody else gain from out trust and belief in God. It is the hand of god that guides people to find salvation and peace in the worst of times. I know in Charleston I have seen God and his flock spread love when so many others would seek another act of hate. Even as he was crucified Jesus begged for our forgiveness Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”. Luke 23:34.

. Yes I have seen God and have seen his love warm the hearts of those who live by his words.



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  1. Father Paul Lemmen June 21, 2015 — 7:58 pm

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  2. Those family members epitomize the reason Jesus Christ came to walk among man. They truly ARE Christians…not the one-hour kind that populates the churches in dwindling numbers, but TRUE Christians, who try to live their lives as Christ did. May God bless each and every one of them! And may God give me the strength in time of turmoil and strife to act as they did, selflessly, and with a heart filled with mercy, love, and forgiveness!

  3. Very well said if more of us had strength and a heart willing to offer mercy we would be a stronger nation.

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