Bill Clinton-a-long-history-of-alleged-rape-and-assault

The guy is a scum and so is his wife.



James Corbett of suggested we “Google Bill Clinton Rapes” for some astonishing documentation and articles related to Bill Clinton’s long list of sexual assaults. Adding to the list, Here’s another excellent article with all the names and details of every single sexual assault recorded dating back to the 1970’s of former president Bill Clinton. Also several books about the Clinton’s are linked in.

This information would have affected my vote for President in 1992 if I’d known he was a rapist.

Money and power In politics buys a lot of silence in the media as we, the people are left hoodwinked. It’s why I don’t vote, (except locally). Left or right, both wings are attached to the same bird. Men like Bill should not be in positions of authority. Unfortunate he’s just the right kind of man Washington promotes and supports, and he’s certainly not the only one. Nor…

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