Can we get some fans in here please?

Hillary Coverup     Okay people, we need some powerful fans here because there is a huge pile of Bull Crap and its really stinking the place up. The day after the trade deal failed, Hillary stepped up to the podium to announce she was against the trade deal. Mind you up to that point she would not give a straight answer about where she stood. Suddenly she takes a stance after it failed. I would wager that had it passed she would have said she was for it all along. If you watch her it appears she is trying hard not to say the wrong thing and this makes me wonder, why can’t she just speak honestly? I know the answer, she does not come by honesty naturally. 30,000 emails scrubbed clean from a private server  she was never supposed to be using for government business. So this is just one situation that could have and should have been solved easily. All she had to do is turn the server over, if she had nothing to hide why scrub the server?

You see so much about her does not make sense, for instance, she wants to be the president, the leader of this great nation but how does she go about it by playing the race card and pointing fingers at the Republicans as being racist and trying to hold the impoverished down and keep them from voting. I will fill you in on some history of this great nation. During the civil war it was southern democrats that fought to keep slavery in place and it was the republicans that fought to free the slaves. But Hillary is not concerned with truth or history. she only wants the impoverished to turn their anger on those who would oppose her becoming president. Haven’t we had enough of a president trying to divide us and this nation? I have to say that Hillary polls horribly on matters of honesty and trustworthiness and yet she sees no need to confront those concerns. When she says she wants to fight for you she leaves out what it is she actually is going to do in this so called fight.

I know she is not her husband but she supported him while he was being impeached by labeling the Monica Lewinsky scandal being a right wing conspiracy, yet again blaming republicans falsely to try and cover for her husband’s actions. We Americans cannot afford another scandal ridden Presidency nor can we simply stand by while this nation is driven deeper into the ground. Make your votes count by voting for this country not a woman who could not even tell us why on her watch as Secretary of State we suffered the loss of four patriots/Americans and she said “At this point what difference does it make?”

Something stinks and it is coming from her campaign, she is spewing bull crap and hoping we are stupid enough to believe her. She told us once the attacks in Benghazi were the result of a video when in reality that could not be further from the truth. She couldn’t protect 4 people and yet she wants the job of protecting our entire nation.

This is all about common sense and if it looks bad, smells bad then it probably is bad, don’t be fooled She is looking out for Hillary’s desire for power not our best interests, like I said fire up the fans and get this stink out of here.




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  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    If you want truth, honesty and compassion for this nation read Basharr’s blog right here, right now, if not, go waste your time a Hillary Clinton speech filled with crap. It’s time to flush!

  2. This is a woman that is a patent liar, a crook, and one of the nastiest personalities not only in Washington, but in DC. My personal hunch is, you don’t hear from Hillary Clinton anymore if she is defeated in November, 2016. Let’s all make that happen!!

  3. To deny her is my goal, she has plenty to answer for that the MSM has given her a pass on. Time to pay the piper as they say.

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