Whistleblowers Describe Woes Of Reporting Crimes And The Waste In Federal Agencies

Rooting out corruption! Job well done! sadly we cannot trust our government, this is total Bull Shit what was done to this agent.

The Silent Soldier

dJune 12, 2015


— In 2013, Taylor Johnson, a senior special agent in the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Investigation, uncovered money laundering, bank and wire fraud and ties to both organized crime and high-ranking politicians in a federal program designed to encourage foreign investment.

Johnson went to her superiors with her findings. But instead of being rewarded for uncovering massive fraud and corruption in a government agency, she was derided as a whistleblower and punished for sounding the internal alarm.

She was stripped of her credentials, her government vehicle and her weapon. Her access to the building she worked in and all government databases was revoked. Her salary was decreased while she was in the middle of an adoption. She almost lost her youngest daughter when the adoption social worker called the agency to verify Johnson’s employment and was told she had…

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  1. Amazing how they will do anything to keep the ‘lowly staff’ in their places huh? Pisses me off beyond belief!

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