Forced Diversity? Dear Leader is at it again.

Obama's Diversity PlanThe chances are  that Obama has truly screwed the pooch and us along with it. Lets just say you live in a nice home in a nice area, do you want the government deciding to lower your property value by building low income housing in your neighborhood? Well Obama wants force diversity upon us. The government should not be tampering with crap like this but since he doesn’t have any other pressing issues he has decided to roll up his sleeves and begin one of the biggest  screw-ups yet. I used to drive a cab in San Francisco and our drivers all hated when a call came in for a fare at the projects because 80 percent of the time it meant a robbery or an attempted robbery if it was after dark. Obama thinks he can force diversity upon us and there are going to be no repercussions? The man is out of touch with reality on a grand scale. He has never had a job and everything in life has been given to him. He is seeking an agenda item that will be his legacy and since the ACA is on the verge of death and he is afraid to deal with terrorists we the people will pay the price. This my friends is another reminder of what happens when you elect someone because of skin color, or gender or because it would be a first. The picture at the head of this page is a real look at the diversity we could be facing. People came together to rob, loot, burn and destroy.


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