It is true, we are the key to turning the tide and putting this country back on course. Words alone will not suffice, it will tame action and a willingness to become invested.

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I haven’t finished the first chapter of Dinesh D’Souza’s book America, Imagine a World Without Her but I’m already disturbed….even  a bit further pissed at our illustrious leaders.   The words of D’Souza are making sense, and you can see what has and is yet to unfold throughout the world and particularly here in the good old USA.

D’Souza’s writing purpose is not only informative but to create emotion and possible reaction and action from his readers, We the People…. to save America.   The emotion and reaction part he appears to be achieving, with me.

A thought that has come out from me, and I don’t know if it’s from the book or just current events, Do the attitudes from our leadership, especially in Congress, reflect that of the people or do the attitudes of the people reflect that of the Congress or both?

Think about this, We the People…

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