Obama finally stepping up the fight against ISIS? well not so much.


Our dear leader is finally stepping up and showing more aggression in dealing with ISIS. I know, believe me I know it is hard to believe. Which in reality is because the action he is taking is to send just over 400 advisers into the fray to step up training needs in Iraq. Look, consider ISIS like an ocean and Obama is standing on the beach at the edge of the ocean. Our dear leader obviously does not know how to swim because his course of action is to wade int the waters of the ocean just deep enough to wet the bottoms of his feet and then retreat to the safety of the shores feeling he has done his duty. He however by even setting his foot in that water is already in far, far over his head because he knows nothing about leadership. He has generals yet in the past he has refused their requests for troops. when he himself knows absolutely nothing on what it takes to wage a war against an enemy hell bent on killing. He needs to commit to crossing that ocean and being willing to conquer his inability to take advice and input from battle seasoned warriors that serve this great country. I am disgusted to see leadership in this country at the highest level failing to address clear and present danger and meet the threat with devastating force and zero remorse.


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