“Obamacare has hurt my family”

Excellent piece of work here it is sad so many people still support a party that would willingly doom quality medical care as we know it. The horse has been lead to the waters edge only to find the water is in fact tainted and unfit for consumption. Yet Obama and his followers are more than willing to push it off on us.

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Obamacare is among the worst abuses of a free citizenry in the history of mankind, considering the level of satisfaction across America with the previous health care system (85% were happy with it), the lies that were told by government bureaucrats in gaining its passage in Congress (lies confirmed by the Jonathan Gruber tapes), and the degree of financial pain it has caused millions of families and the consciously delayed (by Obama himself, in unconstitutional fashion) severe pain for all citizens yet to come (not just financial, but the dwindling access to the very health care that the insurance is supposed to pay for).

The notion that Obamacare is “working” is an Orwellian falsehood — it is in fact a giant ponzi scheme that has been deliberately slowed down in order to hide the eventual insurance death spiral that will leave Americans without access to quality care and tax payers robbed blind of billions…

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  1. Obamacare wants to do to your medical care what the NEA has done to your child’s education. Pure and simple, you can’t name a city in the top 100 in America that has been run by Democrats for at least 20 years that is doing well. Why? They always end up running out of money before they’ve finished “fixing” things that government doesn’t belong fixing at all.

  2. So true my trust indemocrats is on the rocks and quite likely to remain there. They have brought on many of the disasters facing our healthcare system. Starting with we havw to pass it

  3. To see whats in it….bad tablet!

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