Huggable, to say the least, this bear captured my emotions.

Meet Huggable: a blue and green teddy bear designed by the MIT Media Lab for healthcare, education and social communication purposes. Kids can interact with the bear by shaking his paw, telling him jokes and even playing games of I Spy, Wired reported. On a deeper level, the robot is trying to connect with the kids as a friend or teammate.

“Huggable’s purpose of existence is to interact on an emotional level with children,” said Luke Plummer, a robotics engineer with Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab, in a video for the Wired story.

I saw this video and I thought what a tremendous and wonderful use of technology I am not shy or so vain that I cannot admit this little bear brought a tear to my eye when I saw the affect it had on children facing such serious illnesses. When it comes to kids my heart bleeds for those that have to undergo so much at such a young age. My sister spent a lot of time away from home while getting treatment and surgery at Shriner’s Hospital in the California Bay Area. I know she was scared and I really think Huggable would have been a great thing for her back in those days.


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