Writing to the Center

Here we are another Clinton, another Liberal, and another Scandal Rich Campaign. Does it matter at this point or have the scales already been tipped? I am only writing here because I want to know….What has happened to our sense of right and wrong in this country? How can any country loving patriot stand by while another Clinton seeks the most powerful position in our government?  Are partisan politics more important than right and wrong? I am appealing to those out there that have had enough and are willing to send Hillary a wake-up call?  We are Americans and I wonder how anybody can stomach another Clinton presidency?

Bill Clinton looked the American people in the eye and flat out lied when he stated he did not have sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky He lied, everybody knows it yet people treat him like a hero. He is a failure and he failed every citizen in this country and worse yet came out of it unscathed. He is a rich man now why he and his wife have gotten filthy rich. This country needs new faces, new politics and most of all it needs a healthy dose of integrity. We have terrorists on our doorstep and the current president leaves our borders unsecured. The former Secretary of state now wants to be President but she couldn’t even protect our people in Benghazi yet here she is now, wanting the job of protecting over 300 million U.S. Citizens She does not follow the rules, she acts as if she is above the law. Now she believes a book attacking her should be banned…Why? Because of the unending scandals she carries around every place she goes? We are seeing now a glimpse of a Hillary Clinton White House and it is a house of cards nothing more. This post is an appeal to those in the center to take a good hard look at the state of this nation. We cannot afford Hillary if we as a nation are to rise again to become yet again the beacon of freedom we once were to the world. Hillary does not demand a stop to the riots and looting instead she lays the blame at the feet of others. Obama has done the same thing. Do we want another Obama in a pant suit? Hillary is dangerous and she lacks integrity, does a person of integrity wipe their email server clean when they are fully aware congressional investigators want to view the contents on the server? Does a person of integrity blame every scandal on a vast right wing conspiracy? It is her go-to excuse for her troubles the vast right wing conspiracy she has been using it since her husband got caught with Monica. She has a problem reporting high dollar donations to the Clinton foundation. She has a number of years’ worth of taxes that have to be redone because she neglected to report said donations. Hey accidents happen but this “Accident” was only found out because of the release of a new book about questionable practices by the Clintons and cash donations.

Look the Right and the left are settled on who they are going to vote for. It is now up to you folks to tune in and scrutinize Hillary Clinton very carefully because quite likely you folks in the center will be choosing our next President. Don’t be fooled by the pant suit, the woman wearing has no place being anywhere near the white house let alone living in it again.


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  1. I sit in awe at the blindness and the willingness of people to just roll over, letting everything slide, and allow themselves to be led by someone who clearly does not have their best interests at heart. People who dodge the press, remain illusive, and stretch ‘truths’ (and that is ME stretching it) will never cease to amaze me. How are people so willing to trust in others who clearly only have their OWN interests in mind. Just like a mother or father who would give their own lives for their children, I contend that the Mother or Father of this great nation who is caring for us, America’s children, should be willing to do the same…they should LOVE this country that much, IMHO. Do YOU feel that way about our current administration? Hillary?? Ya, I didn’t think so… Me either. Tragic.

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