Finding Your Roots Shocker for Ben Affleck.

It appears that Ben Affleck was set back a little bit when he appeared on the PBS show Finding Your Roots. Ben was upset to find out that his ancestors had been slave owners. In fact he was so upset he tried to have the information covered up by the shows producers. After pressing them about it they magically were able to link Mr. Affleck to a soldier that fought in the revolutionary war. Who knows now if that finding is true or a lie for Ben’s behalf? What I find strange is Ben’s reaction on slave ownership finding. A lot of people owned slaves, yes it was bad and yes it is over and done. Mr. Affleck should grow up, his hiding facts does not make those facts any less true. He however remains true to his liberal left leanings If the truth does not suit your agenda simply do away with the truth. Be real in all you do and you will be an honest person, what you are Mr. Affleck is a coward and a liar.

I liked him better when he stated he “Probably wouldn’t like someone if they voted Republican, it was at least honest even if it did show a very perverted view about his liberal beliefs.



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  1. People like Ben that have their head in the past certainly know what they’ve done (and their relatives)… but they have no idea where they’re going.

  2. That’s right, Ben, run from the past because we all know that’s how we improve upon every aspect of our lives…putz.

  3. LOL:-) putz…..classic, that made me laugh!

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