There is cheering in the streets of Iran! Guess who got screwed?



So Obama has his fancy little fact sheet of the great things that the nuke deal with Iran contains. The problem though is that as with Obama it is always a lie. Proof to that fact? Iranians are cheering in the streets of Iran over the deal. Just hours after we heard the details Iran said what Obama was claiming was a LIE! The cheering in the streets of Iran send an ominous message.



Obama Iran deal a Farce


Sadly we are under the feeble guidance of a man who cares little for this country nor its allies!



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  1. Did you really expect the guy that couldn’t negotiate with Syria to be able to do so with Iran? I think we have to understand who we have running this place and the fact that neither Bobo nor Kerry could negotiate their way out of a paper bag.

    • One has dreams, honestly they are all we have until the door hits him in the ass.

      • Yes, but in the meantime we appear even more weak. Call me crazy but weakness is the last thing we need to be displaying. We need a president with a much stronger pair than BoBo…certainly one who won’t negotiate with terrorists. This ‘negotiation’ was a joke from the get-go. Iran knew it, how could our prez not? Oh, wait…he most probably did.

      • Lorra you have it pegged, we look weak and the reality is we will look weaker if Clinton makes it into the white house. We need a strong conservative willing to do what is needed without worrying about being reelected.

  2. Yes, always a lie. Nothing will favor U.S.

  3. Without a doubt my friend this farce of a leader is incapable of doing what is best for the American people.It is far more important to him to have something he believes is a legacy piece of of action like allowing Iran to continue with their Nuke program. He is bound and determined to have the blood of Israel on his hands.

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