The Writing On The Wall



Obama Done!





Are the liberals finally waking up to reality? Obama put forth his budget plan a whopping four trillion dollars! Of course the GOP was against it and lucky for them they were. But what is actually amazing was the vote was 1 for it and 98 against it. One single democrat voted for it and I am hoping the Obama got the message. No longer can his partners in the destruction of this great nation be counted on to blindly support him nor should they. This defeat of Obama’s budget plan is in reality a message telling Obama the beat down was needed and well deserved.

Look I am not fool enough to believe that the spots on the liberal leopard are going to change but the fact that Obama now knows the curtain has been yanked back and perhaps now more people see Obama for what he is. His inept ruse has been exposed. One single vote out of one hundred is a message that is hard to miss. However it is probably a reality he will deny. So be it I am happy to see the clown prince knocked down a peg or two. On top of that we also had a welcome gift this week as Harry Reid is done when his term is up as well!

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