Hillary Hogwash

The Hillary freak show in full swing step right in.

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Once again, Hillary is spitting in our faces and telling us it’s raining. At a press conference where she answered only handpicked questions, Hillary said she handed over all pertinent e-mails from her server and deleted her personal ones. She then dug an even deeper hole stating many of those personal e-mails were between her and Bill, who we now find, doesn’t even use e-mail.

It is certain that there will be more hard-to-believe “facts” coming from Hillary as this e-mail fiasco continues to grow. Many Democrats are trying to say there is no story here, but that’s just their standard tactic – like Obama’s “no smidgen of scandal” at the IRS. They will repeat what they want everyone to believe over and over until the mainstream media reports it as a “fact”.

This time it seems Hillary may be in real trouble. Jack Gillum and Stephen Braun of…

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  1. As much as I fear our nation doesn’t recognize her as the Arkansas Sleeze that she is, watching her run and lose is really something I’d look forward to. All of that effort with no result? It’d be like watching Al Gore run all over again!

    • I think not enough see her as the scum she is and Al Gore’s name has popped up as a possible 2016 candidate. How the hell is he going to campaign with out an enormous hypocritical carbon footprint? =)

      • He’s not. But it will be the Republicans’ fault for making him get into the race in the first place…all because the GOP attack Hillary so ferociously. Speaking of which…how much IS a carbon credit going for these days? Are they on sale at Costco?

  2. He blows enough hot air he is liable to melt the polar caps. If he honestly believed in Global warming he would be willing to debate it but he does not debate anyone on it nor does he take questions.

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