Love this post by Newt Gingrich about the Hillary “e-mail” scandal….

Perfect ! Corruption is the liberal path.


While it’s good that the liberal left speaks out against Republicans, the one thing they fail to see is that the Democrats and liberal politicians are corrupted people. The liberals know that Republican corruption exists but they don’t want to believe that Democrat corruption exists. I think the Hillary e-mails should be good enough proof that Democrat corruption does exists.

Rand Paul says that Hillary thinks she’s above the law and Newt Gingrich here is saying the same thing.

It’s unfair on how the Republican party are labeled as bad guys and the Democrats are good guys. I absolutely blame that on our mainstream media. They are the ones making politics a “black and white world”. The media are the ones making politics so divisive.

Like I said before, what will it take to get people to learn that the Democrats are just as bad as Republicans? The sad thing…

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  1. Question: Is there anything on the “liberal path” that isn’t corrupt? After all, the entire philosophy is based on thievery and robbery.

  2. Right I watch as liberals prop Hillary up and I wonder when it became acceptable for elected officials to openly support a crime?

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