Well written We should never accept as to do so we signal all is lost.

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The American flags planted on the Moon have all turned white from years of the Sun’s radiation.   The American flags flying here on planet Earth still hold their color, the stars and stripes are visible.    Is our flag turning white, in surrender?   I am not referencing the flag that was painted white over the stars and stripes on the Brooklyn Bridge just recently.   I had not learned of that until after I had already started this writing.

Flags will fade, lose their color from the sun and weather.   That is perfectly acceptable, we replace them when they become worn.  I’m not talking about weather-beaten flags, I am speaking of flags flown from a beaten nation.  Oh the color is still there, but underneath, figuratively speaking are we flying the white flag of surrender?

The majority of Americans are frustrated with our government and politicians.  …

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