Truer words might never have been spoken.

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We need this guy to go coast to coast and speak to the masses of We the People.   This quote sums it up as well as anything I have heard on what is happening within this nation.

He wouldn’t even have to change his message from site to site, repeat and repeat, maybe it would sink in, as long as we aren’t already to far gone.

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  1. While I agree Klaus speaks the truth (and does so very well!), we need more than a speech tour. Zig Ziegler could do that. We need to re-build an education system torn down by teacher’s unions to aid in the “dumbing down of America”. THEN we can start to re-build our country. An uneducated rabble is the easiest to control. They don’t know what is right and what is wrong!

    • I completely agree one must only skim the news on a daily basis to locate a myriad of atrocities that can be directly attributed to our educational system and the liberal element who seem to take great pleasure in poisoning the thought processes of our youth. My youngest daughter turned 18 in her senior year. That year a social studies teacher helped all the kids that were of age register to vote. she then made sure to tell the kids that of the candidates running for president, Obama was the only one qualified for the office.

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