Congressman Luis Gutiérrez Who Do You Work For?

I have to say I have a serious issue with any Congressman or Senator who treats his or her position as if it is his job to open the gates of this country to those who come here illegally. Congressman Luis Gutiérrez is one such person who would allow illegals to rob this country of the few jobs that are available. He would fill our hospital emergency rooms with illegals seeking free services all at a cost to the US tax payers. Why is it we have elected officials that seek to take food from our tables in favor of allowing drug smugglers and thieves and gang members into this country. It is not that we hate the people of other nations, it is the reality people of other nations such as Mexico cost us money. They cover our land in filth as they cross illegally onto our sovereign ground.

The DHS refuses to seal our borders and thus we are overrun with illegals and people don’t have to like the title but it is a reality these people are illegally in this country. Why do we fund the DHS when they don’t deport anymore, they don’t protect and they damn well don’t secure anything? The Department of Homeland Security is a farce! How long before terrorists will be openly allowed to enter this country because the current administration and the DHS don’t give a rats ass about securing and protecting The United States of America.



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  1. Reblogged this on Arlin Report and commented:
    It won’t be long before ISIS troops start scaling the walls or walk right in.

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