Military Working Dog Bows Out Gracefully

So many people never know the great deeds our canine partners do.

The Silent Soldier

(Screenshot Credit, Maiden On The Midway) (Screenshot Credit, Maiden On The Midway)

January 28, 2015

Maiden On The Midway:

ELMENDORF AIR FORCE BASE, Alaska — In September 2001 a German Sheppard puppy named “Benjo” was selected to be a military working dog.

On September 11, 2003, Benjo arrived at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and was put through the rigorous process to become a military working dog. Although few make it, Benjo succeeded.

After 10 months of training, he was flown to Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.

The first entry in his military working dog records read: “22 Jul 04, MWD arrived at airport. MWD was calm the entire trip back to base”.

Throughout Benjo’s career, he distinguished himself by meritorious service as a patrol and explosive detector dog, assigned to the 3rd Security Forces Squadron. He provided over 450 hours of garrison counter-explosive searches. He also provided support to the United States Secret Service and…

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