America Lacks “Americans”

I keep saying America needs to wake the hell up!



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  1. Boy, isn’t that beginning to be the truth? UGH

  2. I have a continual sinking feeling the liberal left headed by Obama is doing all it can to turn this nation into something it was never meant to be….A third world country.

  3. OH BASHARR! HOW I’VE MISSED YOU! Your sinking feeling is not the liberal left headed by Obama… its ISIS headed by Obama. This country is already not the country that our Forefathers gave to us. POTUS has taken the Oath of Office 3 times and has been derelict of duty and there is NO ONE to hold hi accountable. He has committed treason by sending funds and weapons to the enemy. No one holds him accountable. Who will? The Liberal Left isn’t to be your worry, ISIS combining with either Iran or North Korea (both nuked up) or joining forced with Russia, China, we are done. Even if they don’t, they have all of OUR MILITARY EQUIPMENT, WEAPONS, and now planes. I fear that before the next President-elect can be sworn in, we will be invaded by ISIS, Obama will declare Martial Law, and he will remain there as long as he wants. HE will be the one to hang the black flag on the WH. He is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, Basharr! Sec. of State John Kerry has been delivering money to various leaders like Egypt. Obama sent money to Hamas! Not to Israel, our only ally in the Middle East. He spits on them and supports the terrorists in Palestine. I may be crazy, and I pray I am wrong. Please pray I am wrong. But each day that goes by makes me feel that I’m not. I’m terrified for my grandchildren. I could not bear to see their heads on poles as they parade through town, celebrating their victory like they’ve done overseas.
    We will need militia men to gather together because we have no military that will be able to help us. The Commander-in-Chief will tell them to stand down anyway. He has sent pink slips to the leadership anyway so those still in are without leadership.

    If only it was the Liberal Left… that we could do something about… but the man that is occupying the Oval Office (yes, occupying, like he says we occupied Iraq and Afghanistan) is not a President. He is evil and has spent the past 6 years destroying the fabric of this country, the image of this country to the rest of the world, and he has succeeded. The image of the U.S. in the world is gone. We are not the “Superpower” we once were. We are not a Christian Nation that we once were. He has done much damage of the image of this country. And he has spent more money than all presidents combined. He isn’t even qualified to BE president. I have blogged on this.

    Sorry for the long post, but I wanted you to know that it isn’t the Liberal Left to worry about (its a distraction) from the real threat.

    Praying that 2015 is the best year for you and your family,
    Rhonda aka nanarhonda

    • Great post here Nana, it is sad our president lacks love for this great nation, but I guess most of us knew this guy was trouble from the get-go.

      Check this article out…. It just keeps getting worse.

      • OMGosh, Basharr… I can only imagine what these girls are really being brought up by. They really don’t have parents, you know. They are just for show. It’s the illusion of the “American family” one must project in order to fit ‘the mold’ for politics. (How far do you think a Homosexual politician who was married to a man would make it in the primaries?) Well, at least when he ran anyway. Perhaps today it would be different, but I don’t think we’re quite there yet, but God help me, I could be wrong.

        Thanks for sharing the link.

  4. Basharr,
    As I reflect on my post from yesterday, I’m chilled to the BONE to hear of what is going on in the Middle East today. Yemen is overthrown by al Qaida (likely those that POTUS released from OUR custody), and our Saudi Arabia ‘friend’ has passed away. Not sure how that will go but the Yemen overthrow is incredibly much more worse than what I was speaking of just yesterday!

    I encourage you to visit my blog when you can. I have completely left the GOP save my State Rep. and our current Sheriff. There is literally no difference between the two parties. The GOP did with the 1700 page budge bill aptly named the Cromnibus bill just what the Democratic Senate did with the 20,000 page ACA bill. Neither party read either one read their bill, each had filled it with pork, and the GOP gave POTUS all he wanted! So, where is the difference? Then they re-elect Speaker Boehner for a third term who only has a spine when it comes to those GOP members that didn’t vote for him. Which PROVES that votes are owed, not respected. They do not represent We, the People. I think that after Reagan, and he wasn’t perfect, but he was honorable, and held himself with dignity, had character, respect for himself, the Office that he was elected to, for the Constitution of the United States of America, for his Oath of office. he was diplomatic when needed to be and was immovable when needed to be. I have to same respect for George W. Bush. He got a load of ‘crap’ landed into his lap and I believe that he did what he did to protect the country. If Clinton had done his job the first time the Trade Center was attacked, then this may not have taken place.

    Enough with the if’s and but’s…. I always have said, “If if’s and but’s were candies and nuts, we’d all have ourselves a party!”

    The people of the Nation need to connect with one another. We need to stop only thinking of how it only affects “me” as that is what is getting us into this problem in the first place. There is no sense of community, no sense of country, no sense of patriotism. Good grief, you can’t even fly the flag of the U.S. in some areas! If the flag of the United States of America offends you, you’re in the wrong country! (to borrow a statement from Ken Davis, christian comedian!)

    I wish I could give a word of encouragement other than, God is in control and it is in Him we should be placing our trust and our faith in, not the government, the politics, et al. We need to get back to the basics of life (yes, that’s an old Christian song!) and that is God, Family, Community. If we would just do that, what a difference those that are believers could make. And I’m not talking about the church-goers on Sunday. I mean those that believe that He reigns Supreme, He created all, if you do to my blog, there is a post on Global Warming… just my thoughts on it, but it can be applied to this as well.

    So, with the frightening realization that from one day to the next, my post became more true, there is something even more True and much more powerful and worthy of our trust than any politician, and that is the One that created the Heavens and the Earth, Man in His image and likeness, breathed life into him, knowing that he would need a redeemer, sent His Son, God becoming Man, taking on the sin of the world, past, present, and future… Jesus saw from the cross who we are and took the punishment that He did not deserve so that we could have the righteousness that we did not deserve! God planned this from the beginning. He isn’t moved or shocked by any of the heinous things that are being done. It is part of the plan, I read that end of the book, WE WIN! 🙂

    Rhonda aka nanarhonda

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