I like to believe that I am not beholden to any political party but rather I cast my votes with the nation and its citizenry in mind. I want to see a broken system restored.

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Independent voters never really have had a strong party structure, since they never wanted to be associated with Democrats or Republicans.  They have always stayed away from being labeled a party, intentionally or not, which allowed them to vote for anyone they wished.  Independents did not have to vote for a particular “independent” backed candidate.   It is difficult to win an election when everyone goes off in their own direction.   However, isn’t that what being an independent is all about, “do what you wanna do”?

If independents band together somehow as in a convention and choose a candidate, are they no longer independents?   I suppose you can call your group (party….ugh) by any name you wish.   This is my opinion, I don’t believe the Tea Party was/is an independent party/group/organization.   They are Republicans for the most part, that have been labeled extremist nuts and…

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  1. Love the ability to vote in any fashion you wish and believe it is a persons right! I am a Rep but I CHOSE who I decide to chose. How else can we get this country back to it’s former glory…

  2. I am a republican but not handcuffed to the party.I just happen to see more bad on the left right now but the right is in need of a deep cleaning. =)

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