Pickles How I Loath Them…

It has been three nonstop days, my wife is canning pickles she is in heaven so I am happy, but I do not like pickles and the smell alone has taken its toll on me. But like I said she is in heaven and at least that’s a good thing. The other good thing is she is done canning them for 6 months. Now mind you I have gotten my share of goodness from canning this season, Grapefruit Jelly, White-

100_2481100_2482100_2484100_2480Grape-Cran-Pom-Jelly, corn relish made with peppers, marmalade, pasta sauce, salsa, hot pepper jelly, hot-pepper fruit jelly, and soon we start the canning of meat which means chili is in my future. It is a give and take I just truly hate pickles.



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  1. OMGosh!! Now that is a lot of pickles! I, however, love them but do feel your pain. If they were Beets I would be jumping on that band-wagon.. 🙂 That’s great that your wife loves doing it! I, well, I just hate that kind of stuff but admire those who do like it!

  2. Oh BLECH! BEETS 0.o

  3. All together there are about 30 jars of pickles. She loves them Our daughters love them, just me , they are my Kryptonyte.

  4. Hey, if you have any left over, feel free to send them to me. Charlotte and I love pickles. (The pictures look great!!)

  5. I can’t do it I tried, it is just a taste that I cannot enjoy.

  6. Those pickles look pretty good!! They really look fresh.

  7. Nothing better than pickles on a burger!

  8. Oh, you have a weakness! Pickles?

  9. Yes they are bad Ju-Ju. =)

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