Annular Eclipse images.

Annular Eclipse 037



Annular Eclipse 031Annular Eclipse 032


I took the images above a couple years ago they are of an Annular Eclipse All the images were shot in color the two that look Black and white is hoe the eclipse filtered through the leaves on the trees in my front yard. I had been meaning to post them but I misplaced them in a file on my cluttered desktop…LOL But today I found them and I hope you folks enjoy them.



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  1. Wow! Spectacular images sir! 🙂

  2. Had not seen this previously, pretty cool.
    My “blogs I follow” won’t complete loading….you ever have that problem? I had to go through edit to pull this up. Not just your blog its doing it with, all my “blogs I follow” won’t load. The wheel just keeps spinning?

  3. Strange I have no issues on any blogs I follow, but I have seen people complain a lot about lockups on other blogs.

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