Bill O’reilly, Martin Dugard and the Killing of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln 1

Last night Fox News aired the movie Killing Lincoln, I am a fan of the work O’reilly and Dugard do because of the factual  data they tirelessly seek out and the way they build the story. I came away from watching the movie feeling that Lincoln was without a doubt our best president thus far in this nation. He had haters on both sides of the aisle but he was able to put the country first and foremost above anything else. There are few presidents who can claim to have done that. in fact it would be hard to name another even considering Reagan.

If you have the time and the chance watch Killing Lincoln it is a captivating step back into our history and something that simply has not been presented in such a way. You will learn much about Lincoln and how he foresaw his own death, this tale of conspiracy and intrigue will have you not wanting to miss a second of it.



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  1. I actually have been wanting to see this so thank you sir! Looks intriguing to say the least! 🙂

  2. Thank you Laurra for the likes and comments. Happy New Year to you and yours. =)

  3. I enjoyed this post! I love the fox news network, and I especially love Abraham Lincoln. In fact, there’s a picture of him on the wall behind me right now! I had been wanting to see this, so thank you for posting!

  4. It is my understanding that he was our first Republican President…. is this true?

    • It is my understanding as I think back that the GOP was born of the civil war to fight against those who wanted slavery to remain in place as most southern democrats were pro slavery. “The Republican Party, also commonly called the GOP (for “Grand Old Party”), is the second oldest existing political party in the United States after its great rival, the Democratic Party. It emerged in 1854 to combat the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which threatened to extend slavery into the territories, and to promote more vigorous modernization of the economy. The Party had almost no presence in the South, but by 1858 in the North it had enlisted former Whigs and former Free Soil Democrats to form majorities in nearly every Northern state.
      With its election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, and its success in guiding the Union to victory and abolishing slavery, it came to dominate the national political scene until 1932.”

      • Interesting, as my daughter has been teaching her children from the history books, Lincoln was the first Republican President. The reason that the black Americans primarily vote Democrat is because of President Lydon B. Johnson signing some document. (can’t recall at the moment) but if they knew that the Democrats were the ones that wore the White Hoods they would never vote for a Democrat.

        I will have to look into this now. Totally opposite responses! LOL 🙂

        Iron sharpen iron, my brother!

        Rhonda aka nanarhonda

      • Twas born of the Whig Party but that was not those that wanted slavery to be maintained but for every every man’s vote to count. The South only wanted a portion of a black man’s vote to count as he was ‘owned’ by the slavemaster and whatever his black men amounted to do, then 1/3 of that count would go toward the stave however’s vote as well, since he was ‘owned’ by his master. President Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President as taught by my daughter’s history’s books that she has been teaching her children from. Unfortunately, black Americans don’t realize the history behind their true bondage. All they know is Hoover signing a document allowing them all to vote. If they knew the true history of whom kept them in bondage for so long, they would never vote Democrat again! But we ALL need to learn our history, don’t we? 🙂

  5. Hi Rhonda, I do not know this for sure but I do know he put the country first. Which is unheard of in politics today

  6. I have spoken to my daughter and it is true according to her history books that Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President.

  7. I would agree Lincoln put the country first. He placed a lot of thought in every decision he made. He never insulted the South, ever. Argued with, but treated them with respect.

  8. Great to know, thanks Rhonda. 🙂

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