Could you stand her for 4 to 8 years?




Considering her long but very unremarkable political career I have to wonder about Hillary Clinton and ask why is it she believes the is entitled to be President of our great nation. She has done nothing of significant importance in fact her biggest moment in politics was helping the president attempt to cover up the deaths of Americans in Benghazi. Dead Americans on her watch and what did she do? She tried to sweep it under the rug and take absolutely ZERO accountability for the part she played which was huge. She was after all the Secretary of State.

She has recently in the public spotlight stated not to let anybody tell you it is small business and corporations who create jobs. She is picking up and running with Obama’s Mantra “You Didn’t Build That.”

Let us not forget when her husband was exposed to be having sex with an intern named Monica Lewinsky Hillary’s response was that it was an extreme right wing conspiracy. Really? I mean Seriously? She has willingly labeled herself a progressive, and in case you didn’t know it is the progressive agenda that is bringing this country down. Liberal progressives want to assign neutral gender roles to our young children calling them “Purple Penguins” instead of Boys and Girls which is what they are.

Under her watch America’s Foriegn Policy was a complete a failure.

People, it is time to decide what is most important to you as individuals? Is it Freedom and American Values or is it liberal progressive Bull Crap If you cast your vote for her in 2016 it could be a vote to destroy what has made us great  and the beacon of freedom to the rest of the world. When Obama announced what amounts to amnesty for 5 million illegals she was quick to jump on his coat tails knowing damn well it is you and I that are going to foot the bill for this illegal over reach of the executive branch. By her supporting this attack on our constitution you have proof right there she would be open to doing the same if not worse.


She is anything but good for this country.


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