I am fed up with people who think America is racist yet they demand the right to come here.

Pragmatic Witness

I am thankful I don’t have a job right now because I’m not paying into this lawless government and the lazy, immigrant-welfare gold-diggers they’re supporting. Frankly, I’ve paid in enough to last a lifetime. THESE PATHETIC EXCUSES OF HUMANITY, OTHER THAN THE JEWS, ARE SPITTING IN YOUR FACES, WHILE LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS. IGNORANCE CAN BE CURED, BUT STUPID IS FOREVER! WHEN WILL THE STUPID AMERICAN WHITE RACE WAKE THE HELL UP? Whitewraithe~

This Woman Has Been Collecting Welfare for 12 Years – Here’s What She Thinks about Getting a Job


by Gina Cassini | Top Right News

The woman in the video is Exhibit A of our broken welfare system, She is Kiara, 30 years old. She has been on welfare since the age of 18. That’s 12 years on government aid.

She does not have a job and doesn’t think she should…

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