Arrogant Overreach

Reblogged because it is the truth and perfectly stated.

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Fingers are being pointed and excuses are being drummed up as Democrats scramble to find reasons for the beat-down they received in the mid-term elections. If they would step outside their agenda for a moment they would see the one basic reason: arrogant overreach.

Arrogance is a far-left characteristic that Obama brought to the White House and it infected his administration and the entire Democrat Party. It fueled the false beliefs that Obama had a “mandate” to transform America and that his far-left social engineering agenda was acceptable to the majority.

Because of these false “beliefs”, Obama was given free reign from Democrats and the media to do whatever he wished. This allowed Obamacare to get hastily passed into law by a Democrat Congress ignorant of its contents and willfully blind to the deceit used to sell it.

The quick and successful passage of Obamacare convinced Democrats they had a…

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  1. In this one post I believe we have seen the truth about Obama, He believes himself to so successful that he cannot be beat. Even now he will not admit he lost the house and the senate in a landslide and still believes Americans want him to move forward on immigration. I would like to take a moment to thank the MSM because by you folks glorifying him in our faces 24-7 You burned him out in the hearts and minds of the American people….The truth has been revealed.

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