We Wear Our Hearts On Our Sleeves

We wear our hearts on our sleeves

Just this past week and a half myself and my wife took on an effort to save a dog’s life, this dog was said to have killed another animal and the city had sentenced it to death. I will use no names in this post but it should be known rescue groups offered to save the dog, the owner denied their assistance, further pictures were shown of where the dog lived and the conditions of his livable space. They were not pretty. Interviews with the owner’s neighbor said the dog was a 24-7 outside dog and had little human interaction. The dog is in a shelter, the judge has spared the dog’s life as long as a loving family can be found for him by November 20th. The current owner of the dog is not a nice elderly old man and though I won’t go into his background publically, I will tell you this is a person most people would despise.

My hopes are that the dog’s owner will put the dog ahead of the donations he is raking in for fees that it is not clear he is even being charged for. I hope he allows this dog a shot at a better life than the one he has provided the dog thus far. I have to say my heart still aches for this dog as I know how important a bond between a dog and its people can be. In my home we spoil our dogs as if they were our children, and the dog who is the subject of this story needs people to love it, but must understand it has been deemed a vicious dog which means there are now further steps the owner must take plain and simple. Having a dog is a responsibility and it was found the dog did also try to bite an 8 year old boy so it is now deemed vicious. Because the owner appealed the court order he has run up legal fees of $300.73 He would also have to build a fence and as well obtain insurance to cover any medical bills if the dog bit somebody or injured another animal. The dog’s owner cannot afford a fence or insurance, so in the dog’s best interest perhaps he should rethink the rescue group’s offers. But my point here is this is not the case people were offered it is far different and so many people like me ran with the sob story version of this story instead of checking facts. Hey it is natural for animal lovers to allow emotion to direct our actions especially when we think a canine friend’s life hangs in the balance.

We must always be conscious that things are not always what they seem, but I know that when it comes to dogs many of us wear our hearts on our sleeves.



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  1. UGH… Your story truly touched me. I’m a huge animal lover. Why anyone would get a dog and then sentence it to a life outside with, I’m assuming here, no personal love and affection, how is it to know how to interact with folks?? It was probably afraid…who knows how it’s been treated! I pray they do the right thing. So sad and my heart is heavy… Sigh…

  2. Worse it is a dog that has been in the news but the back story lead me to write about it.

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