How The GOP Should Deal With Obama’s Immigration Reform

A perfect plan forward!

Desert Musings


Well, the luncheon went off without a hitch on Friday afternoon. You know…the leadership of the Congress and Bobo Obama? Yeah, that was a chatty bunch to be sure! All except Harry Reid. He sat there glaring the whole time and didn’t say a word. Of course, who can blame him really. He just lost his job as majority leader because the guy he was forced to sit next to told the world that his policies were on the ballot. And people don’t like Bobo’s policies!

So, the end analysis of the luncheon is that Bobo lost his temper a couple of times. He’s pissed that John Boehner told him that “Hey, you want to call the shots…go out and win an election!”, which is just what Bobo told Boehner back in 2008 and 2012. Well, the GOP did that, and Bobo doesn’t like that one bit.

Bobo said he…

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