God Made a Liberal


It is important to remember this country is in the shape it is because Liberals and Harry Reid have done every thing they can to silence the Conservatives the only people capable of turning this country around. Liberal leadership under Obama has been about finding ways to skirt the Constitution, he does very little to uphold it as is his sworn duty.


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  1. God didn’t make a Liberal… Satan did!

    Very well written, Basharr! I agree 100% (except the part above) with what you’ve written. You realize, We, the People, asked for this. Either by not exercising our privilege to vote… because it’s not the popular vote that elects the President, its the electoral college, and that defeats people as they feel they aren’t heard. He was elected twice and I believe it was rigged, but that’s just by opinion. He is a front man, not a President. He cannot speak without teleprompters feeding his what to say. He is the first President that has had to have such coddling. It’s because he is not qualified and everyone knows it. Including the powers that be that got him elected. H

  2. I wasn’t done and don’t know how that happened…

    He is an embarrassment to them. They may through him under the bus if he doesn’t declare Martial Law because of an invasion of ISIS well-planned at the end of his term. Time will tell which will tell! Hopefully they through him under the bus and he will be reveal as the fraud that he is!

  3. Hello Rhonda, Had I actually created the video it of course would have had a different name.however we use the material God presents to us. I believe it is important to see how the liberal progressive agenda is about making America into a third world country. All the blood that has been spilled by Americans in the name of freedom means nothing to the Obama administration.Most people already know he is a fraud and let us hope the same rings true with Hillary.

    • Basharr,
      You are 100% correct and I agree with you, again 100%!
      This is why we are such good ‘friends’! 🙂

      Rhonda aka nanarhonda
      Founder ~ LIKE PRECIOUS FAITH Ministries

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